Dark Crystal Opal CDB600


Article number: CDB600

Origin: Lightning Ridge, Australia

Weight: 5.37 carat

Size: 17.54x10.87x5.16mm

Opal type: Dark Crystal Opal

This opal can be purchased as a loose stone or can be made into jewelry. Use the drop down menus to specify your choice, you can choose between different models of rings and pendants. 
The jewelry can be made into silver, 14/18ct gold or 18ct gold. You can also choose which color gold you'd like.  

Why is there a 14/18ct gold choice? (and not only 14ct?) - we need the bezel to be 18ct. Opal is a very delicate stone, since 18ct is a soft metal we're able to set the stone properly. So only the bezel is 18ct gold, the rest of the jewelry in this example is made of 14ct gold. 


Choosing your ringsize

When you've chosen a ring don't forget to specify your ring size. If you don't know your ring size you can order a ring sizer tool (or go to a local jeweler to take your measurements). If you'd like to specify a quarter size (so for example 16,25 instead of 16 or 16,5) this is also possible, you can leave a comment in the 'additional note' box. 

Please double-check if your ringsize is correct, since there will be additional costs if we have to resize the ring afterwards. 

We use a dutch ring size system (officially the swiss system). You can see here a conversiontable from other sizes. 

If your ring size is not listed please contact us. 


Choosing a chain with your pendant

When you've chosen a pendant you can specify if you'd like a chain with your pendant, the chain is an anchor model by default. You can choose from silver, 14- or 18 carat gold chains (yellow, white or rose). 


Opal sizes explained

In the size filter you can see if an opal is small, medium or large. This is based on its measurement in mm (so not on its weight!)

Note that the size of the opal dermines how much metal is needed to make it into jewelry. Hence, the costs and therefore the price of jewelry for a larger opal is higher. For example: the price of a basic ring for a large opal is higher than the price of a ring for a small opal. 



When ordering your opal you can choose to add a certificate. This certificate contains information about the purchased opal (opal type, origin, weight, size and particularities). This report is for informational purposes only and is composed in good faith and fair dealing. No rights can be derived from this document. You will receive the certificate via e-mail in pdf format when your order is shipped.



1. The photo's and video's are taken under 5500 Kelvin LED lights, this is the closest to natural daylight and gives a fair representation of the opal. Keep in mind that an opal may look different under different lightsources. If you want to see more video's you can contact us.

2. We sell our opals also via mineral fairs or on the spot in our studio. When this happens we try to update our website straight away, but a conflicting sale may occur. In this situation the first payment secures the item. 

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