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Origin: Lightning Ridge, Australia

Weight: xx carat

Size: mm

Opal type: Crystal/Light/Dark/Black/Boulder Opal

This opal is meant as a collectable item. This is  due to certain characteristics which make it not ideal to set into jewelry. For example internal cracks, too thin or an odd shape. Setting it in jewelry is too much a risk, but that doesn't make the opal less collectable. 


When ordering your opal you can choose to add a certificate. This certificate contains information about the purchased opal (opal type, origin, weight, size and particularities). This report is for informational purposes only and is composed in good faith and fair dealing. No rights can be derived from this document. You will receive the certificate via e-mail in pdf format when your order is shipped.



1. The photo's and video's are taken under 5500 Kelvin LED lights, this is the closest to natural daylight and gives a fair representation of the opal. Keep in mind that an opal may look different under different lightsources. If you want to see more video's you can contact us.

2. We sell our opals also via mineral fairs or on the spot in our studio. When this happens we try to update our website straight away, but a conflicting sale may occur. In this situation the first payment secures the item.